Expressions by Heather is a Natural Light Portrait Photographer specializing in Senior portraits, Family portraits, and Children portraits.

EbH is based out of Charlotte, MI, but will travel to suit your needs. For a price quote, please email EbH at herberkids3(at)! Heather will get back with you quickly!

We are now booking Class of 2012 Senior’s, so take a peek at what we have to offer, and plan your Senior Portraits out!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Package Options
All senior portrait packages include:
  • 2 outdoor locations of your choosing. The locations should be somewhat close together. Travel time in between locations is limited to 10 minutes of driving time. Locations further away than that will cost $5.
  • Friends, Parents, Significant Others are allowed in a limited number of photos at no additional cost.
  • 100+ images to choose from when selecting the images you like the best.
  • Images chosen from the session on a low resolution disc. Low Res images will be watermarked with the studio logo, and will be printable up to 4x6" print sizes. You can print these up, or use them as online photos.
  • 3 creative edits, including collages, vignette, selective color, text, and more.
  • Standard color editing for great color on the photos, as well as black & white or sepia editing on any of the chosen images. Your name and graduation year can also be added to any image corner at no additional cost.
  • Prints or Print Credits towards your print order
  • Props- feel free to bring any props of your choosing. Musical instruments, a vehicle, sports equipment, even pets! You will be in charge of making sure to keep your pet under control. Pets are subject to location, as not all locations allow for pets. Non-exotic animals only, please.
  • Unlimited clothing changes, if the location has access to a public restroom.
Basic Senior Portrait Session Package - $70
Package Includes (in addition to the session basics listed above):

90 Minute on-location photo shoot
Unlimited Clothing Changes
25 Images on Low Res CD

   * 1 8 x 10 Print, or $5 Print Credit

Deluxe Senior Portrait Session Package..... $100
Package Includes (in addition to the session basics listed at the top):
2 Hour on-location photo shoot
Unlimited Clothing Changes
30 Images on Low Res CD

* 2 8x10 prints
* 2 5x7 prints
* 4 3.5 x 5 prints
* 8 wallets

Luxury Senior Portrait Session Package.... $120
Package Includes (in addition to the session basics listed at the top):

2 Hour on-location photo shoot
Unlimited Clothing Changes
35 Images on Low Res CD
* 2 8x10 Prints
* 6 5x7 Prints
* 10 4x6 Prints
* 16 Wallets
    Additional images, prints, and edits can be purchased in addition to the package deal.

    All sessions further than 25 miles in distance from zip code 48813 will be charged a $20 travel fee. If you are further than 75 miles from 48813, or are uncertain as to the distance, please feel free to ask!

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    Prices, Talent, Quality, & Time

    After much thought, and talking with other photographers, I have come to the conclusion that my prices are way too low for the services I offer. When I started doing this last fall, I honestly was a bit over whelmed by the prices I found at other area photo studios, and other natural light photographers.

    I felt then, and still feel now, that quality portraits can be done without costing an arm & a leg. I have finally come to a happy medium, though, after sitting down and doing the math on my sessions. Counting the time of the session, and the time spent editing, I am currently making less than minimum wage per hour spent on each session.

    I feel that while I love what I do, I am undervaluing my own talents severely. It took a lot of hard thinking, and a lot of advice before I came to the very hard decision to raise my prices somewhat, while still keeping them at what I feel is an affordable price.

    All sessions booked currently will remain at the prices they were quoted when the session was booked. Those prices are:

    Mini Session: $25
    Family, Child, Engagement Sessions: $40
    Senior Portrait Sessions: $50

    In order to feel that both my time and talent are being compensated, and without feeling as though I am over charging, my new prices are as follows:

    Mini Session: $40
    Family, Child, Engagement Session: $60
    Senior Session: $70

    In addition, there is a small change to the session packages as well. Currently, they all come with a CD with the chosen 10, 15, or 25 High Res images, suitable for printing at sizes of up to 16x20 in size. As I have recently found a new print service, which has fast turn around and fantastic print & paper quality, I am now going to offer only low-resolution CD's with the session, or a high resolution CD for purchase.

    The low resolution CD's will include all your images & edits up to a printable 4x6 size, with a small water mark on the corner.

    The high resolution CD's will be available for purchase for $20 each.

    I have already posted my printing prices, and as long as my print service does not change their prices, I will not be changing my printing prices. I feel this is one way where I can still offer substantial savings to my clients over many other photographer services.

    Many places charge as much as $30-50 for a single 8x10 image. My price will stay firm at $5. Currently, the prices I offer for printing are comparable to going to the local photo departments at the department store or pharmacy. However, the quality of the paper, the color, and the image is far superior to what you will find elsewhere.

    To be fair to anyone who has been considering a session with me, my new prices will go in effect for any sessions booked on or after June 1st. Sessions booked by May 31st can be for any time this summer, they just need to be on my books by then to qualify for my old prices. That gives people a week to book at the current prices, before they go up.

    I want to just say thank you to everyone who has talked with me about this, and to say that while I hope this does not upset anyone, I do feel that it was a necessary change.

    Expressions by Heather Photography

    Marshall Family

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Print Pricing

    Individual Print Prices
    & Specialty Items
    Portrait Print Prices
    My print service requires a print order of $25 to place an order. If your order does not meet $25, we can either add items on, or I can hold the order and place it with other orders to meet the $25 mark.  Please keep this in mind when placing your print order.

    Print Time

    The service I use is fast, but there are time limitations. Please keep these in mind.

    Orders placed by noon, EST with me are placed the same day with my print service. These are then accepted by the printer, and turn around on them printing them up is typically same day. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are held until Monday to print.

    From that point, they are shipped to me, via 2 day UPS. I've found that they are actually shipped the day after they are printed, and will take 2 business days from that point. All items are received within 5 business days of placing the order, and can be picked up or shipped to you from that point. If you require faster turn around, we can discuss the shipping charges for faster delivery. Please note, faster shipping time does not effect print time. If you order over a weekend, it will still be Monday before they are printed.

    Individual Print Orders

    Print Sizes
    Lustre or Glossy Finish
    Metallic Finish
    Set of 8 Wallets………… $5.00 $5.50
    11x16…………………… $13.00 $16.00
    12x12 Square…………… $8.00 $10.00
    10x13…………………… $8.00 $10.00
    8x10……………………. $5.00 $5.50
    5x7……………………… $3.00 $3.50
    4x6…………………….. $2.00 $2.50
    3.5x5…………………… $2.00 $2.50

    Names can be added to wallets for no additional charge. Please specify when placing an order what you want added to the wallets. Up to 2 lines of text can be added at a slant to the corner, and up to 3 lines can be added vertically along the side edge, or horizontally along the bottom edge.

    Metallic Finish Paper is a glossy finish paper with a metallic sheen to it. It is great for high contrast color photos, as it really shows the colors well in light. If you do not like glossy photos as a rule, though, you may not like this. If you wish to see a sample, a sample can be arranged.

    Proof CD

    A CD with low resolution images is available with all sessions. If you would like the ability to print photos up to 8x10 size, you can order a Proof CD of your chosen portraits for $20.

    Proof Book

    Proof books will include up to 40 chosen images, with standard editing done. If you have chosen to get any creative edits, they will be included in the book. Your proof book will have 8 pages of images, varying from 1 image per page, up to 9 images per page. The book will have a frosted cover over the first page. Page 1 will include 1 image, and 3 lines of text.

    • 8 Page 8.5” x 11” proof book- $35
    • 10 Page 8.5” x 11” proof book- $40
    • Add Additional Pages- $2.00 Each
    • 8 Page 11” x 14” proof book- $40
    • 10 Page 11” x 14” proof book- $45
    • Add Additional Pages- $2.50 Each
    Images will be arranged at the discretion of the photographer. Images are selected by the client.

    Greeting Cards

    Printed on thick card stock, Greeting Cards are a sturdy product that can be used as holiday cards, birthday cards, announcements, and more. Cards are available in 3 paper finishes. Price depends on size and paper. Prices are for packs of 25 cards.

    • Semi-Gloss
    • Art Recycled (Matte finish)
    • Pearl (Pearlized, metallic finish)

    Semi Gloss
    Art Recycled
    4 x 5.5 Folded Card……...
    4 x 5.5 Flat Card…………
    5 x 5 square Flat Card…...
    5 x 5 Tri Fold Card………

    Senior Portrait Collection Specials
    Prices reflect Lustre or Glossy paper. For Metallic paper, please inquire as to the price adjustments.

    Senior Portrait Package A –$120, a savings of  $41     

    • 1 10x13 Print
    • 2 8x10 Prints
    • 6 5x7 Prints
    • 10 4x6 Prints
    • 56 Wallets
    • 25 Graduate Post Card Announcements*
    • Proof Book with 40 images

    Senior Portrait Package B - $95, a savings of $31

    • 1 10x13 Print
    • 2 8x10 Prints
    • 6 5x7 Prints
    • 10 4x6 Prints
    • 56 Wallets
    • 25 Graduate Post Card Announcements*

    Senior Portrait Package C - $70, a savings of $21

    • 1 10x13 Print
    • 2 8x10 Prints
    • 6 5x7 Prints
    • 10 4x6 Prints
    • 56 Wallets

    Senior Portrait Package D - $25, a savings of $10

    • 56 Wallets

    Add Premium Packaging to any package- $8
    *Graduation Post Card Announcements can be ordered now with basic information such as the graduates name, school, and year. If you choose, you can wait, and order these towards the end of Senior year, and add information about the Open House, as well. 

    For additional prints, please view individual print prices.

    Portrait Print Collections
    Prices reflect Lustre or Glossy paper. For Metallic paper, please inquire as to the price adjustments.

    Portrait Collection A- $30, a savings of $7

    • 1 8x10
    • 2 5x7
    • 8 4x6
    • 16 Wallets

    Portrait Collection B- $30, a savings of $7

    • 2 8x10 prints
    • 2 5x7 prints
    • 4 3.5 x 5 prints
    • 8 wallets

    Portrait Collection C- $30, a savings of $8

    • 4 5x7 prints
    • 8 4x6 prints
    • 16 Wallets

    Portrait Collection D- $14, a savings of $3

    • 1 5x7 prints
    • 2 4x6 prints
    • 16 wallets

    Portrait Collection E- $42, a savings of  $14

    • 1 10x13 print
    • 3 8x10 prints
    • 6 5x7 prints
    • 24 wallets

    Add Deluxe Packaging to any collection- $8

    For additional prints, please view individual print prices.

    Shipping & Portrait Pick Up

    Portrait collections can be shipped to you, or picked up in person. Orders shipped to you will have a $6 shipping fee added on. In addition, premium packaging is available. Portraits are available for pick up 7 business days after the order is placed. Delays are rare, but in the instance of a shipping delay, you will be notified ahead of time.

    Premium Packaging

    The photographic prints are sealed in clear poly bags, wrapped in cream tissue paper, and placed in our rich chocolate brown boxes. The presentation is finished with an eco-friendly natural cloth ribbon. Currently, Premium Packaging is only available for prints sized Wallets to 11x14.

    The cost for Premium Packaging is $8, whether it is shipped to you, or picked up in person. Please make arrangements in advance if you chose to have portraits shipped to you.

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Mini Session Photography Package

    Pictures In The Park Mini Session Portrait Event

    When: July 24th
    Time: Sessions will be run from 9am to Noon, and from 5pm to 8pm in 30 or 75 minute increments
    Location: Lydell Park in Comstock Park, Michigan, just 5 minutes from Downtown Grand Rapids.

    $40 Mini Session Special Event!

    This event will be held July 24th

    Location: Lydell Park, Comstock Park, MI
    Time: See the time slots below for available times.

    Available Settings include-
    *Railroad Tracks, including a bridge
    *Rail Depot

    Good for-
    *Engagement Photos
    *Individual Photos before School Starts
    *Family Photos
    *Senior Photos
    *Maternity Photos
    *Sports Photos

    If you wish to have individual photos of more than 3 people, you will need to book a second time slot. Booking a second time slot will give you an hour and 15 minutes of photo time for $70. The price and time available is only good for back to back time slots for the same family.

    75 Minute sessions are available to anyone who wants to book one at the rate of $70. 75 minute sessions include 2 clothing changes.

    Your session is limited to Lydell Park. 30 minute sessions do not allow for clothing changes due to time constraints. If you would like to have more location & clothing options, please email about my normal rates for regular full sessions.

    There are 8 sessions available currently. If these fill up, a second date or photographer will be added to make more room. Please indicate the time you would like for your session. Due to lighting issues, we will not be holding any sessions between 11:45am and 5pm. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out paperwork.

    Payment for the session is due at the time of the session in cash or check. Photos are held until check clears. If paying in cash, please bring exact change.

    Break for the afternoon

    $10 Print Credit towards print purchase, with a minimum $30 print order placed

    Online Viewing Gallery with 40 images to choose from for. Online viewing gallery will be up for 2 weeks. After that, a $5 charge will be required to place them back online for an additional 2 weeks.

    Full creative & standard editing on 10 photos

    3 1/2 x 5" prints of 5 photos

    Expressions by Heather Photography

    What kind of photos can be achieved in a short time frame? LOTS! Each of the photos below were done in short time frame location shoots.

    Mini Session with Gillian

    Gillian and I had a mini session yesterday, for her Spring photos.

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Session Referral Program

    With so many people out there today getting started in photography, and so many affordable options, I wanted to offer something more to my clients. That's why I'm starting a new referral program. Here are the details:

    You will need to have had a photo session in 2010 to qualify. From there, all you have to do is spread the word about where you got your photos taken, and tell anyone who is interested in setting up an appointment, to mention your name when they call or email for an appointment.

    Once your referral has had a paid session with Expressions by Heather, you'll earn a 30 minute mini photo session*, which includes 10 photos, with 1 creative edit, on a low resolution CD. The session can be taken at any time within 6 months. They can be used for Fall photos, school photos, or in-home Christmas card photos.

    That's all there is to it for you to earn a FREE photo session!!

    *Locations further than 20 miles from Charlotte, Michigan will require a $10 location fee to cover travel expenses

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    2 Exciting Photo Shoots This Weekend!

    Tomorrow, I get to photograph my brother's family, and then his daughter for her senior pictures! I can't wait.

    My weekends are filling up fast, but I have plenty of week day space open. If you would like to schedule a photo shoot, contact me:
    Heather- 517-983-1163

    Call soon for early summer sessions- I specialize in portrait photography, including children, families, engagement photos, trash the dress (post wedding photos), senior portraits, and more!

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    Digital Scrapbook Pages

    Scrapbooking is fun. It's addicting. It's expensive- all those pretty papers, stamps, markers, glitters, hang tags... it's definitely expensive.

    One of the services I offer is Digital Scrapbook Pages.

    I can do these with digital images you supply, or with images taken on photo shoots I do. Each page varies in price, and start at just $5 a page.


    8x10 Printable Page- $5
    12x12 Printable Page- $7
    Digital Art Kits- $1 & Up

    To do your page, I use Digital Art Kits, which can be purchased for as little as $1 online. I do have several already, which can be reused. If I have one already you like, there is no charge for the use of it. I can take elements from several kits, and blend them into 1 page.

    A digital kit is similar to what you might use for a regular scrapbook page. It includes several "paper" backgrounds in both solid colors and patterns, embellishments that can include images, flowers, ribbons, frames, word tags, and more.

    The main difference with a digital kit, and a kit you buy in a store, is that the digital kit can be reused, recolored to fit the images better, and cropped in size to make it fit.

    Sunday, May 2, 2010

    A Recent Photo Shoot with Raegan

    A few weeks ago, I was able to spend an afternoon with my daughter, taking some pictures for her 14th birthday. I love how several of them turned out!