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Friday, April 9, 2010

Creative Editing

Creative Edits

Before I started taking photos, I edited photos. Below are a few examples of the types of edits I can do to your photos.

To view any of the photos larger, simply click on them, and a larger photo will open.

Edits such as these below are charged at $2 each, though some packages do include a limited number of edits. Changing a photo to either Black & White or Sepia is done free of charge. For school portraits (senior or otherwise), names and the school year can be added free of charge to the corner of photos, such as this. Corners can also be rounded, as shown below.

The cost of edits is payable to Paypal or in cash at the delivery of the photos. All payments must be made before the photos are released.

Photo Collage

This style is one that looks great for larger prints of Senior Portraits, or as Family Portraits. I take 4 images, and add 3 of them in a smaller size to one side. In each of these, the smaller photos are tilted slightly, though I can also take them and make them all straight.

Scrapbook Page

In these, I make a background page to match the colors you choose, and add photos of your choosing into them. I can add text and names to each one. These typically print out at 8x10 size.

Selective Color

For selective color, you choose what you want to stand out- eyes are always a good choice, but not all eye colors will pop the same way against black and white. Blue and green work best, while gray, hazel, and brown fade out just a bit. I can also make the entire person remain in color, while making the back ground black and white. Lastly, I can take part of what the person is wearing, and make keep it in color.

Sassy Edits

This edit is really open to your to your imagination. Below are a few examples of some edits I have done to photos for people. Each is edited in a different way, and can either be fun and funky, or more classic. These are not typical edits, and can drastically change the appearance of the photos.


Vignette is the process of washing color out around the edges of a photo. This is an older style many studios used, and can be nice in many instances. Below are a few examples. It can be done lightly just around the edges, or it can be much larger.

While Vignette is typically black or white, it can also be done in colors, as below. This can be done to match clothing, school colors, or wedding colors.

As you can see, I can do a variety of edits to really make your photos pop. I strive to give the customer exactly what they are looking for in a photo.

Standard Edits

Below are typical edits I make to ensure your photo looks the best in both color and lighting. These edits are done free of charge.

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  1. Your work and effort are wonderful Heather, great job! I love the examples.